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/ command improvement

At the moment, the /command is really basic. Here are some examples of what basic commands are common across different tools: Heading Commands/text - Insert plain text/h1, /h2, /h3, /h4, /h5, /h6 - Insert a heading of the specified level/heading - Insert a heading (prompts you to select the level)Content Insertion/code - Insert a code block (prompts you to select a language)/iframe - Insert an iframe (prompts you for the URL)/image - Insert an image (prompts you for the image URL)/link - Insert a link (prompts you for the URL and link text)/todo - Insert a TODO item/quote - Insert a quote blockFormatting/bold, /italic, /underline - Apply the respective formatting/strikethrough - Apply strikethrough formatting/highlight - Apply highlightingScheduling tasks/scheduled - Schedule a TODO for a specific date1/deadline - Set a deadline for a TODO1Scheduling and deadlines allow you to surface relevant tasks on your daily notesDepending on the tool there are many more options (see Logseq, Anytype, Notion).

serafims.art 8 days ago


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Password Management from cloud that I can let my team logins any web

It appears there's one missing piece that could make Liftos the ultimate tool for team collaboration using web browsers on Windows (for me). The ideal scenario would be if all team members could log into websites using passwords securely stored on Dropbox or Google Drive, without sharing these passwords with any individual member. Additionally, if Liftos could automatically fill in login credentials while browsing and securely store cookies within its application, it would be nearly perfect.Is this feature on your development roadmap? If so, when can we expect its implementation? This information is crucial for my decision to upgrade to a higher-tier Liftos package.

Trแป‹nh Anh (Trแป‹nh Quang Anh) 12 days ago


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Usability requests

Hello, In playing around with LiftOS for a short while, and coming from Notion with a heavy "to do" focus, I'm seeing some areas that will make LiftOS a hard transition. There are some great things, such as the way you can add subtasks, attachments, etc., and those items that are included will have color that indicates that item is present. However, if I'm thinking about a user-friendly and viewer-friendly to-do list layout, my Notion setup is so much easier overall. Having everything bunched under a main item doesn't make managing large numbers of items easier. Also, with no way to sort by something like due date (at least that I can easily see), it's difficult to manage. I can tell there is great quality here but it almost feels over-engineered at times. I'd be happy to do a call with your team to further dive into this and compare. Wishing for your great success!Thanks,Shaun B

SB 14 days ago


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