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July 9th 2024

With this update, we added the much-requested Grid-view to our Files App, thumbnails to PDF + Images, and a new way to open Files inside Todos.

Toggle to the new Grid-view

With the new Grid view option insides the Files App, you can get hold of information by glancing at thumbnails of files to find what you need quickly!

View files side by side in relation-view

We are a big fan of viewing information side by side, now with this update, files open in our relation view allowing you to see files and other apps side by side πŸ™Œ

We hope this update improves how you work daily with liftOS and improves your productivity 🫢

more to come soon (some easter eggs are in this update πŸ₯š)

June 24th 2024

Get more done with liftOS using the latest features in this big update. Share your Space with the Public to let anyone view your work, access and work with your favorites quicker in any Space, and use the built-in liftBrowser (exclusive to Mac App) to search for information when you need & more!

Download the Mac App to work using any link + liftBrowser for free!

Our new Mac App allows for all links, yes ALL to work inside liftOS πŸ™Œ, we also added a handy browser which you can access with CMD+G to browse and add links quickly to your Spaces. Download the Mac App for free!

Access your favorite Apps in any space with just a click!

Previously only accessible from home, with 3 clicks, not in any space with just a click you can access and work with your favourite Apps.

Share any Space to the public with ease!

Share your work with others who are not in your Workspace directly from the Share button at the right top of any Space and choosing Publish to make it viewable by anyone who has the link.

& many other improvements as well as bug fixes


  • Note App now support hyperlinks

  • Todo App has a new filter: Tag

Bug fixes

  • Mobile App landscape issue

  • First link in the space doesn't load

  • Duplication bug where app library was kept hidden

  • Note app loading issues

  • Was sending a bit too many mail reminders for todos πŸ˜… we toned that down

We wish everyone a productive week ahead!

June 13th 2024

Draw, sketch, brainstorm and collaborate on ideas visually with your team in one place! The whiteboard is finally here.

Brainstorm, sketch, ideate & more

Use our 4th App, The Whiteboard for free to visually map your ideas, either solo or as a team right inside of liftOS. With shapes, colors, text, arrows, diagraming, images and embeds Whiteboard is a canvas for all of your team' ideas.

Collaborate with your entire team in real-time

Work with your entire team, in real-time. Draft, sketch and brainstorm together with ease. This is all without leaving liftOS or doing anything extra. Simply open the app in your view and start collaborating.

Work with images and Embeds inside your Whiteboard

Add images, connect to diagrams and freely work. Present your work with laser pointer follow-mode to help teams get aligned in one place. Work with your clients, team or solo using the new Whiteboards.

Draw diagrams and flow charts with ease

Use mermaid syntax (guidance is built-in) to create diagrams from text with ease. This can help you map out your ideas quickly without having to think much on how to.

We hope you'll love the new Whiteboard app πŸ™Œ

Looking forward to your feedback πŸ‘€

June 12th 2024

With this update, you can create unlimited Workspaces with the same e-mail and organize how you work in Multiple Workspaces.

Create and work with Unlimited Workspaces

Clicking the (+) button inside your Navigation menu > Workspace dropdown will allow you to add and manage your Workspaces with ease.

Creating a Workspace is very easy quick and only asks for a Title to start with. Workspace information can always be customized after the creation from the Settings.

Workspaces are unique from each other with their own member, file and storage limits. They only share the Owner (creator of the Workspace).

You can also invite the same users to Multiple Workspaces with ease!

Use the navigation bar to switch back and forth between Workspaces

Switch back and forth using the navigation bar and stay organized with multiple Workspaces. Try it out and share your feedback 🫢

May 31st 2024


With this update, we are launching a template library with pre-built templates for product managers, sales managers, founders, and designers. Additionally, themes are here! A much-requested feature to change the look of the UI from light to dark.

Launching the template library with 40+ templates

We hand-crafted beautiful templates to help you draft sales proposals, create product roadmaps, track bugs and document features among many others. Click on the template library in the sidebar to try out different templates yourself!

Will you choose the light or the dark side?

Finally, dark mode is here. To help you customize liftOS even more to your preferences, you can now work in light or dark themes. You can also match the theme according to your device's system settings. We are curious to see, will you choose the light or the dark side?

check out the updates

Yours productively,

liftOS team

May 29th 2024

With this new update, You can chat with your teammates directly inside of liftOS using liftChat and get the help of AI right inside of our Note App. Both features we will improve more in the next weeks with your feedback

Chat with your team without leaving liftOS

Chatting and working in two seperate platform can create knowledge silos and increase distractions. Our goal with chat is to bring communication directly where you work. You can chat about Spaces or DM users individually with chat groups coming soon. Slack, Teams and Discord integrations as well as rich text, images and file uploads will be coming in the next month!.

Use AI to get help with writing notes, document and wikis

We are going to be releasing more and more AI features inside liftOS, starting with the low-hanging-fruits, NoteAI. Note AI can help you improve writing or to create new writing for you with a single prompt. Try it out by highlighting text or using the "/" comment.

We love feedback on new features!

Share feedback, feature suggestions, bug reports and integration requests right inside of liftOS! Β 

Thank you for sharing and being a part of our journey.

Stay productive

April 18th 2024


We updated liftOS to help teams manage their work more effectively together.

With new user roles, Admins can define more settings and manage sensitive information, new Section modal helps organize teams and their work and a new onboarding experience to help onboard your users effectively into your Workspace all with this update.

New sections help you set-up roles and assign your team to multiple spaces at once

Workspace, Sections and Spaces are 3 areas where user roles apply. Admins can change main settings and remove other members while members have full visibility and workability in places they are assigned to.

More customization to Sections & Spaces

Sections get a big customization update with new icons and colors, Spaces are also getting a boost with Space colors to make liftOS more unique to you.

A brand new onboarding experience for your new joiners to help them get started

New Workspaces as well as new users will be welcomed with an onboarding experience that is built to show the key features of liftOS and help get started quickly.

You can now signup/login to liftOS using your Google account to help save time

New Workspaces as well as new users will be welcomed with an onboarding experience that is built to show the key features of liftOS and help get started quickly.